Monster Neighborhood

Isn’t it fun to leave the house
To try and seek out friends
So how much better would it be
If I did it with a difference.

In a bahay kubo
Perched atop a large tree
A manananggal and her sons
Wave good morning to me

Lounging about
On a thick bamboo stalk
A batibat scout
Stops me for a talk.

I walked another few steps
Under the shadow of a mat
While tikbalang and kapre
Engaged in heavy, overhead chat

A large anthill loomed up ahead
Causing my breath to hitch
No doubt the nuno inside
To my parents he would snitch

Creeping slowly past the earthen mound
A light melody drew my attention
To an iridescent garden
Where a diwata worked with earnest intention

Caught me on my stroll she did
And her expression changed to one of distress
It seemed like only seconds
When my mother came wheezing, her duster a mess

I suppose that this is the end
Of my outdoor adventure
But it will not be the last
For reality is not a constant in my nature


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About the author

Michael Mahinay

Ever since he could read, Michael has become an avid fan of the fantasy realm. A passionate writer of the short story form, his works are centered on the overall workings of the hidden societies of our faerie neighbors. Usually seen thinking about what to write next, he hopes to publish his work on an international level, and is almost never seen without his faithful poodle sidekick, Jack. He is in his third year as a Literature major at the University of San Carlos.


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