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12 Cebuano Short Films to Watch

1 night, 12 reasons to be proud of Cebu

The Cebuano film scene is a thriving industry with the goal to show (and own) what is proudly ours, which was exactly what Panumduman Pictures did on September 9, a Friday night. Twelve Cebuano short films were shown at A SPACE Cebu in an effort to also support another upcoming Cebuano film, SUPERPSYHOCEBU. It’s directed by Christian Linaban, who was also present during the screening.


All 12 films showcased different aspects of life with themes crossing the line between reality and fantasy. Starting from the first short film, Di Na Lagi Mausab, to the last, Operation Prutas, I was truly in awe at the diversity of plots in the films and how each one stirred different reactions from myself and the crowd, especially the scenes of Marvin’s terrible breakup in To Siomai Love and Olivia’s poor rabbit in Ang Gugma ni Olivia. Two films from the screening were directed by Ara Chawdhury, who is easily recognizable from Sutukil Sauce’s hilarious short series, Chismis sa Mga Saop ni Diniris, which will not be hard to like for Game of Thrones fans or anyone who’s up for a good laugh.


To feel the same way I did when I watched the films, you’d have to see them for yourself. Most of the films shown during this event are on Panumduman Pictures’ Youtube channel, panumduman. As a Cebuano viewer, I couldn’t help but appreciate how hard these directors and actors have worked to place not only Cebuano film but also Cebuano culture in the spotlight. Getting to where they are now must not have been easy, but I’m sure that seeing all the genuine support pouring in keeps these Cebuano artists going.

Attending this screening was possibly one of the greatest ways I could have spent a Friday night

Attending this screening was possibly one of the greatest ways I could have spent a Friday night and seeing all 12 films was such a beautiful sight to behold. Homegrown movies that showcase local art definitely give me more reasons to proudly call myself a Cebuano.

Here’s the full list of films:

1. Di Na Lagi Mausab (by Christian Linaban)
2. To Siomai Love (by Remton Siega Zuasola)
3. Kurtina Nga Pula (by Remton Siega Zuasola)
4. OCD (by Christian Linaban)
5. Peace Valley (by Ivan Zaldarriaga)
6. Doktora (by Christian Linaban)
7. Ang Katapusang Bagting (by Remton Siega Zuasola)
8. Ang Gugma Ni Olivia (by Christian Linaban)
9. Tam-is (by Ara Chawdhury)
10. Agi (by Nicolo Manreal)
11. Aftershock (by Remton Siega Zuasola)
12. Operation Prutas (by Ara Chawdhury)

All images used in this article are screen stills captured from the panumduman YouTube channel.

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