Author - Dolph Alphonse Verallo

Dolph is a Literature student at the University of San Carlos. He loves his course for its ability to render his mind in a state of sublimity and shake the very foundations of his existence. Someday, he plans on becoming a successful writer, poet, travel blogger or just someone who inspires and help people through his writing. He loves taking photos of things that are usually obscure and taking videos of mundane scenes, for he wants to bring them to the light for everyone to see and appreciate. Dolph also enjoys going into the wilderness to absorb the beauty and wonder in things that are majestic yet also tranquil.

Photography + Poetry

Photography + Poetry

Take refuge in the Comfort of serenity Channel it daily Flowers bloom in her Wake; she’ll be around to look After everything Time is trying to finish everything quickly while we’re here trying to piece every little answer slowly. It’s more...

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